I just remembered - I have a movie blog!

You've probably noticed by now that this blog hasn't updated in a while. And I deeply apologize for that.

I did have a review lined up for January, but there was a problem with it that has faced so many others I've tried to do - since getting my current laptop in 2012, I have learned that certain DVDs of these films won't play on it so it's been quite difficult getting images of it to make funny captions for. And it's such a nuisance looking up clips on YouTube. On top of that, I've been busy with other things - I've also got a comic to do, plus I've spend the last few months looking for a permanent job. Couple this with outright laziness and now you know why it's been dead around here.

PCVB will return sometime in March. I've found a video of a TV special recently and I shall update with that.

Thanks for putting up with me.


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