About This Blog

I like movies.

The only setback is I'm kind of picky about the movies I like.

I don't go out to the theater very often because recent pictures don't interest me all that much. I don't go for CG animated movies with celebrity voice actors, romantic yarns where the boys are prettier than the girls, or any film that would rather show me a man eating another man's feces than tell me a good story.

Classic old movies like Casablanca and Gone with the Wind, though I'm sure their reputations are well-deserved, aren't really my fancy either.

Family movies are little more than inoffensive, watered-down morality plays, computer-generated shoot-em-ups aren't my cup of tea, I have too much respect for the cartoons of my childhood to see them bastardized on the big screen, and I won't watch any movie that would rather shoot in front of a green screen than shoot on location.

Also, it doesn't matter if a movie is shown in THREE dimensions if it still sucks in TWO.

What I really love are movies that are...different. Weird movies, obscure classics, cult favorites, and the kind of flicks that are a lot of fun to watch.

Another thing I enjoy is writing, particularly in a sarcastic tone which embraces the subject matter as well as makes fun of it. And since I'm currently unemployed, I thought it would be a good use of my abundant free time to combine these two interests in the service of my creative pursuits.

Welcome to POP CULTURE VOMIT BAG, regurgitating the stuff that time forgot--cult classics, lesser-known flicks and stuff you just can't find anywhere these days (except maybe on YouTube)!

So...have a look around. You can read the latest review on the homepage, there are links of lists to past reviews in the sidebar on your left over by where you found the link to this page, there are snacks in the fridge, emergency numbers are next to the phone and don't put your feet up on the coffee table. Have fun!

DISCLAIMER: Pop Culture Vomit Bag accepts no responsibility for any spoiled endings that may occur as a result of reading this blog. No lifeguard on duty. Read at your own risk.

KITSCHENSYNGK is an aspiring writer/artist with a love for many things retro--movies, television, music, you name it. He attributes this to a childhood spent watching old TV shows on Nick at Nite back when they used to have old TV shows on Nick at Nite. Apart from this, he also enjoys watching, reading and listening to anything weird and/or fun.

He took a bunch of creative writing classes at the University of Kansas and made it out with a Bachelor's degree in English.

In addition to his movie review blog, he can also draw a bit and frolic his way around Photoshop and other graphic software. These are skills he is currently using in his webcomic, Nachos Con Carne, which he launched in June 2011.

Kitschensyngk currently resides in Lawrence, Kansas.