Welcome to PCVB!

You see them on the streets.

You find them illegally uploaded on YouTube.

You buy them on the under-$10 shelf at Best Buy.

They are the cult classics, the B features, the things you "just have to see to believe".

You can't find them on TV very often these days. They're too far out of the mainstream to turn up on anyone's radar. Many of them don't show up on video shelves because movie companies are too lazy/embarrased/concerned with financial or copyright issues to care.

A lot of these films and things you only hear about in review sites such as this and are so rare that the odds of watching them are practically next to a heartbeat away from virtually nil.

Well, lucky for all of us, there are review sites such as this.

Well, that wasn't much of an introduction, but I can promise reviews which are researched to the best of my abilities, and maybe if we're lucky, of movies which not very many of these review sites have covered.

So sit back, relax, and drown in the obscurity.

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